For more information on The Package, click HERE to go to Check Your Head’s post!

What is The Package?

Why are we creating The Package?

Glad you asked, internet 🙂

The Package is evidence that we will be sending elected officials of British Columbia (from the Provincial election, click HERE  for the general information, and HERE for the results!) that show the need for a poverty reduction plan. It is the youth perspective that we will like to amplify as statistics show that youth are more prone to being in poverty. The Package will be both a written document and an interactive online platform (this is that platform, so be interactive, comment! :))

Our hope as the Check Your Head Justice League, is to make sure the elected official from the recent election will feel pressure and accountability to start creating this poverty reduction plan! Our province is the only one without one! Our income inequality is rising and middle classes are shrinking, yet we don’t have a plan in the system that is actively working to alleviate this disparity.

We want YOUR help! Spread the news of The Package, reach out to your local elected official and speak to them on the matter! Even if you are not in British Columbia, research about your own country, get educated on these issues!

Zatanna says daer erom no eht egakcap! 



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