A Conversation Between Youth

I am a youth and as a youth, I too have a voice which stands amongst many. From what has lead me to where I am today, there was a point in my life along the way where I realized that there were many realities in this world that weren’t very bright and positive. For some of us, these discoveries are meant to broaden our perspective and also for many, it puts a damper on our moods.


While partaking in this Income Inequality and Poverty cohort led by Check Your Head, there were facts and perspectives that I stumbled upon and as a way of spreading the knowledge and learning, I asked a fellow friend about her thoughts on these facts and questions.


The average income of a Canadian worker for one year is $49, 510. On average, it takes Canada’s 100 highest paid CEOs one and a half days to make the same amount. Thoughts? Questions?


I noticed the phrase “on average,” so that means that some CEOs take longer to make that money, and some CEOs make that amount a bit quicker. I wonder want the data set for that statistic looks like because I know it isn’t right to assume all 100 of those CEOs take that quickly to make 49k. I’d also like to know who those CEOs are, and possibly if they’re doing any philanthropy. I also want to know what the median and mode income for the average Canadian worker is (because I know if the distribution is skewed, that the mean is probably not the best measure of central tendency).


Under the umbrella term “poverty”, what else do you think is encompassed within it? How so?


I think intersectional issues are associated with poverty. Poverty is universal, from the developed to the developing countries. Thus factors such gender, race, sexuality, education and other elements of life need to be examined to see how this plays a role in the lives of those living.

Of course,

all of these questions that ponder in our minds are valid and true to the core of this issue, which makes taking action more important than ever. And as young people of the next generation, we have the deal of making a better quality of living for everyone, especially within the realms of our own community. Which is why, as a human to another, something like learning and passing that knowledge onto the next person can be as powerful as ever. Like Check Your Head likes to say, “Educate, Activate, Empower”.



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